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Week 4: Close to Home

I’m microblogging on Instagram for this series, but taking either a favorite topic or a compilation of topics each month to share here on the blog. Today’s post is a bit early, but I promised to share photos of the Ranch where my grandfather grew up, where my dad always visited his grandparents, and where I always visited my grandparents.

You can read all about the history of the place and my connection to it in my Instagram post, but here are the images that sing to my soul….

A view of the house and outbuildings from the top of the hill
A path in the eucalyptus grove. Many memories of walking through this with Grandpa.
The old barn always had hay in it for the cows. Grandpa’s truck is right there waiting for him.
It looks like Grandpa was just here and propped up his tools before going in to dinner.
Waiting for Grandma to come through the door and tell us it’s time for supper.
It looks practically identical to how it looked when Grandma cooked there (except for the dishwasher!)

Although they haven’t lived there in 20ish years, and although Grandma’s been gone almost that long with Grandpa gone for the past 12, the ranch looks so much the same. It’s beautiful, painful, bittersweet, nostalgic… everything all at once to be there. I felt so close to my grandparents by having the chance to visit it again.

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