Week 2: Challenge

January 8, 2019 Rebekah 0

For this entry, I want to share about a challenge I’m experiencing in my research and what steps I can take to resolve it.

Week 1: First

January 1, 2019 Rebekah 0

I thought I’d share about a special treasure in my family that first sparked my interest in genealogy.

Checklist of Genealogy Research Sources PLUS Free PDF!

Genealogy Sources Checklist

August 13, 2017 Rebekah 20

When researching an ancestor, it’s easy to remember to search the census and look for birth/marriage/death certificates. Sometimes, searching the big-name database companies will produce […]

7 Keys to Genealogy Research

7 Keys to Genealogy Research

May 1, 2017 Rebekah 0

Whether you are just starting out in genealogy research, or have been building family trees for years, these seven keys are crucial to your success