Genealogy Sources Checklist

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When researching an ancestor, it’s easy to remember to search the census and look for birth/marriage/death certificates. Sometimes, searching the big-name database companies will produce a few hits from smaller record sources, such as draft registrations and the like. But there are MANY genealogy sources that aren’t online and can be easily overlooked.

Checklist of Genealogy Research Sources PLUS Free PDF!

Break Down Brick Walls!

Following is a list of sources pulled from a checklist I found via Pinterest quite some time ago. The pin has been enormously popular, so I wanted to locate the actual file to link to on my blog, only to find out it was no longer available! I did a Google search and came up with nothing, so I decided to recreate it:

In a hurry? Download now!

This is a super checklist to have handy to be sure you check out all the places and sources of information that might shed some light on your ancestors. You’ll want to document the searches in your research log, but this is a great master list to be sure you don’t miss something valuable!

If you have genealogy source areas that aren’t listed here, please share them in the comments! Together, we can be sure to cover all the bases and break down those brick walls!



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