Roundup: Feminine WordPress Themes

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It’s hard choosing a theme for your WordPress Blog! There are so many to choose from (over 4500 in the WordPress Themes directory as of this writing) and the demos always look better than the right-after-install version. Even if you buy a premium theme, there’s still a lot of customization to do. Personally, this site’s theme is a free one that I customized since I know enough PHP and CSS to be dangerous. 🙂 If you are looking for a theme, or know it’s time to change, here’s a roundup of Feminine WordPress Themes!

Roundup: Feminine WordPress Themes

I found 6 compiled lists of dozens of themes, and since I’d never be able to put together something quite that comprehensive, I’ll share them here! I also have 5 designers who specialize in feminine themes and they’re just gorgeous. I know there will be some duplication between these eleven resources, but even with that you will have dozens, maybe hundreds of themes to peruse!

NOTE: not all themes are created by honest, reputable people. My friend Marianne (of recommends:

TAC Theme Checker: this plugin is necessary when you install a new theme from a non-reputable theme developer (or if you’re not sure!). It’s always a good idea to check it with this plugin to make sure the theme hasn’t been injected with any spyware or malicious code. I usually uninstall this plugin after I’ve decided on a theme and checked it.

TIP: Before scrolling through lists of themes, take a few minutes to determine what your priorities are for a theme. If your blog is photo-heavy, you’ll want to be sure to find a theme that handles photos really well. If you have a shop, or plan to soon, be sure to find a theme that will be compatible. If you’re like me and tend to use words instead of pictures, don’t get a gallery style theme! It will look very odd, trust me. 🙂

Okay, here’s the list!

Theme Compilations

Theme Designers

  • Angie Makes: Any of these adorable themes will make your blog look amazing! Angie also offers installation services if you’re nervous!
  • Bluchic: These classy themes are stunning! They do have a couple free ones if you want to test them out before purchasing.
  • Coded Creative: I drool over these themes every time a new one comes out!
  • Pretty Darn Cute Design: While not all of these themes are “cute”, they are very pretty! Or maybe lovely is the better word.
  • Restored316: An awesome collection of gorgeous themes — if you have trouble picking one, they have a guide to help you choose the best one for your needs!

Overwhelmed yet? There’s a TON of awesome themes out there…. the fun part is that you can easily swap a theme until you find the one you like the best.

Have a recommendation for a Feminine WordPress Theme? Share in the comments below!



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