Monetize Your Facebook Group: Keys to Maximizing Facebook Groups (as shared by Top Facebook Group Admins) – Part Three

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A few weeks ago I shared my favorite Facebook Groups for Bloggers. I was blown away by the response (my most popular post yet!) and so wanted to explore that topic a bit more and dig deeper into how we can maximize our Facebook Group time. In this post we’ll talk about how to monetize your Facebook Group!

Keys To Maximizing Facebook Groups as shared by Top Facebook Group Admins - Part Three

As I shared over the past few weeks, I asked the wonderful owners/moderators of the groups I’d mentioned in the above post to share their tips. Nearly everyone responded right away and I was floored by the wealth of information shared! So while I’d intended to just publish a single post, I made this a three-part series so we can fully digest all the great info! So if you’d like to know how to increase your traffic via Facebook Groups, how to start your own Facebook Group, and how to monetize your Facebook Group (below!), you’ve come to the right place!

First, let me re-introduce you to these five awesome ladies. Becky Burgess (Blogging Newbs | blog), Jen Snyder (Women Winning Online | blog), Krista Dickson (Girl Boss Bloggers | blog), Lena Gott (Adventures in Blogging | blog), and McKinzie Bean (Blogging Newbs | blog). I encourage you to follow their blogs, join their groups and learn from these amazing women!

Can I Monetize a Facebook Group?

So we’ve learned how to maximize our traffic, we’ve learned how to start our own Facebook Group, — now, how can we maximize our income by utilizing Facebook Groups? Never fear! These ladies have some great ideas!

McKinzie: A Facebook group is a great way to develop an online presence and develop your credibility. As you build your reputation more people will listen to what you say and what you sell. As a group owner you also set your own rules, so if you want to promote your own product or affiliate product you can. However, I don’t recommend promoting yourself too much or that can give off a spammy vibe to your members. The ultimate goal of your group should be to provide value to your members.

Jen: I think the best way to monetize your Facebook Group or really anything is to make sure you are helping people first. Facebook groups are a great way to help your core audience! The more you help them, the more they value your advice. When this happens they are more likely to purchase a program you are selling. Help people first not to make money off of them, but to genuinely help them and the money will come. It always does.

Krista: Absolutely! People join your Facebook group because they’re looking for help in your niche or area of expertise. By doing things like Facebook Live videos and Q&A calls, you can build relationships and a level of trust with your audience. Once you’ve established expertise and built that trust, you can start promoting your own products/services/etc. OR products that you are an affiliate for, within your group. You could also share your email list opt-in freebies with your group members, and when they opt-in, add them to a sales funnel that leads towards one of your paid products or services.

Lena: The key to monetize your Facebook group is to make sure it aligns with your core blog audience and offers. If your blog is about parenting preschoolers then your Facebook group should be for parents of preschoolers etc. that way anything you promote on your blog you can cross promote to your Facebook group. Think of your Facebook group as an extension of your blog – a place for your readers to have an actual community.

Becky: Sometimes I’ll link something that moves people to an affiliate of mine or I talk about my own courses. In one of my groups I provide access to resources, training, and guest expert training. We are always doing something to help our businesses move forward and the women in this group love it. My plan and goal is to provide even more value for a small membership fee per month. I’ve also seen some groups that require you to be on their mailing list in order to join the group. So that’s a great idea to sell to them later.

My takeaway: Be real and genuine. Share products/services with your group as an extension of who you are and your purpose. If you focus on helping others, the money will come.

Have you been able to monetize your Facebook Group? Share your story in the comments!


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