Top 7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers

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While I hang out mostly in two or three of these Facebook groups, all seven have been great resources as I’ve been getting started. These groups have specific promo days, as well as special days for other interaction such as sharing goals, wins, social media links, etc.

Top 7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers

I’ve got a spreadsheet with links to the Facebook groups and which day is which for the featured interaction which you are welcome to use!

Ok. Here are the seven Facebook groups in alphabetical order:

Adventures in Blogging: This group is run by Lena Presley Gott, who blogs at It was her posts that got me started in blogging and I’m thankful for her and the group! While this group is less active than others, the members are great about coming together and sharing advice.

Blog Beautiful: The group was created by Marianne Manthey of She has some great info on her blog and the interaction on this group is great. One unique thing is that Marianne holds office hours once a week for us to flood her with questions which she answers right then and there!

Blogger Insights: Run by Eden Fried of, this is one of my newer groups. Eden has TONS of great resources, many of which are free. She and her co-host, Emily McGee, are super involved in the group and encourage great interaction!

Blogging 101: Created by Nicole Floss of, this is a great group if you are just starting out. Nicole has excellent guides that she shares with the group and with over 5,000Β members, there’s a lot of questions/answers flowing through the group. This is where the “Search this group” feature is super handy!

Blogging Newbs: Jointly run by Becky Burgess ( and McKinzie Bean (, this group has quickly become one of my favorites! With Facebook Live videos to talk about specific topics and great resources shared, the admins take a personal interest in the life of the group. The other members ask lots of good beginner questions and usually garner multiple answers.

Blogging with a Smile: This group is run by Chantel Arnett of With daily topic threads, there’s lots of interaction and Chantel is super involved with the group. I asked a question once and I had a response right away!

Women Winning Online: Created by Jennifer Snyder of, this group is also one of my favorites. There’s a great energy about this group and good interaction. Jen does a Coffee Chat via Facebook Live every Monday.

These seven Facebook groups have been a huge boost to my new blog. Have you found other groups that you enjoy? Share in the comments!



    • Sheryl, you will find that all these groups are great for new bloggers and questions are always answered graciously, even when the question has been asked before! Here’s a tip for you: Each group has their own search box so you can search for your topic to see if someone has asked the same or similar question. Sometimes you get instant answers that way!

    • You are welcome Bobbi! Sometimes the descriptions on the groups give some insight, but I always appreciate hearing a first-hand experience too!

    • Thanks Nicki! I find that I join several and see how they fit. I couldn’t keep up with ALL the groups, so I try to be intentional about it!

  1. So, I’ve joined a number of groups, but haven’t yet figured out what my favorites are yet. I’d rather have 1-3 that I love than a bunch that are just ok. Trying to find my tribe!

    • Angie: I hear you! It takes some time to find the right group of people. I’ve joined some groups and then left after a week or two when it was obvious that I just wasn’t in the right place. Since I’m also working on discovering my niche, I’ve pretty much stayed with the basic blogging groups. Your people are out there! Just keep at it and you will find them, sometimes in a very unlikely way!


  2. I was just asking someone for a list like this! I believe that direct interaction with other bloggers in the trenches is so helpful in figuring things out! Fantastic list- thank you!

    • You are so welcome Angie! I’ll probably be posting an update to this list in a couple months as I keep finding new groups to engage with. πŸ™‚

    • You are welcome Marianne! Thank you for the great job you do with our group. πŸ™‚ I’m glad I could introduce you to some new groups!

  3. Thank you for this info! So hard to figure out where to go when you’re starting! I requested to join some of these groups! I’m only 3 weeks into this whole thing so I have much to learn! Thanks for the info!

  4. Thank you for this list, I just launched my blog on the 11th of this month and was searching for ways to connect with like-minded people! I was already following two of the groups mentioned. I just requested to join the others on the list. Very helpful for newbies like myself .

  5. I was just looking the other day for some more blogging groups to join so perfect timing! Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I already requested to join a few. I’m trying to find my tribe in blogging and am sometimes overwhelmed by the larger blogging groups. Have you had any luck with smaller groups that are more personal or do you recommend the larger ones for exposure?

    • Lindsay: I’ll be honest–I’m part of a couple groups that I didn’t post here ’cause they are sooo big and it’s easy to get lost. πŸ™‚ The admin/moderator for the group is key ’cause it’s their personality and vibe that keeps the group going the right direction. The smaller groups tend to not have quite as much interaction, but what they do have is more… well, personal is the best word I can think of. It’s easier to connect one-on-one with people. The larger groups will get you more exposure, but there’s so many posts to wade through on Promo days, your post has to really be targeted to attract the right people. Hope that helps!

  6. I’m in 6 out of your 7 and completely agree with you. All great groups. I’d add one more to that list, Bright Bloggers + Business which is also super helpful and friendly for newbie bloggers.

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